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A brand new way to pack and travel...

Introducing a BRAND NEW way to PROTECT your VALUABLES and NECESSITIES while traveling or at home the

“My Favorite Things By K. LouiseTM”


The “My Favorite Things By K. Louise TM” Travel Chest prevents liquids from spilling, and all items from shifting, breaking, cracking or being crushed during every mode of travel. Compared to existing travel cases or bags marketed today, the “My Favorite Things By K. Louise TM” Travel Chest holds both trial/travel-sized items, as well as some full-sized items. Deep compartments allow items to stack and stay secure during transport. It’s lightweight, durable, and when full, can weigh between only 3 and 7 pounds depending on contents.

The “My Favorite Things By K. Louise TM” Travel Chest can be enjoyed by men, women and children of all ages who travel by air, rail, sea or highway. Some uses include:

· Gifts for all holidays and special occasions

· Dorm rooms

· Professionals whose work requires overnight stays

· Gym, spa, pool, beach or park

· Camping, boating, recreational vehicle trips

· Daily use in home bathrooms

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My Favorite Things by K. Louise
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